Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The Avenue is blessed to have a top-notch team in the front and back of the house. Everyone is dedicated to food excellence, consistency and hospitality, which is the hallmark of any great restaurant.

“When you’re spending this many hours together, it’s important for everyone to be reliable, fun, smart about their job and communicative,” said Copeland. “The Avenue team is all that and more. It’s like a family.”

“Andrew Castro, Sous Chef, and I totally nerd out on new food items. He’s so creative and talented, plus we have a lot of fun cooking.”

Our bartenders can handle any cocktail request. But you will want to try some of our signature cocktails. The Grey Rose and the 4th Floor Martini are the most popular drinks served at The Avenue.

They also keep up with all the local beers and breweries and are also very knowledgeable about the wine list in case a guest needs a recommendation.
Diners are always complimentary of The Avenue’s servers. They know each dish and are intuitive about patrons’ needs.

Keeping it all together on the floor is Foster Pratt, Maître D.
“Foster has high standards, great ideas and he’s also very genuine with the guests and his team. I can tell that our patrons respect and appreciate him,” added Copeland.

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