Best Meal Ever

Without hesitation, Chef Copeland will gladly tell you about a meal that was not only delicious but life-changing.

“The best meal of my life was several years ago at Le Bernardin in New York City. I was a fan of Eric Ripert, the executive chef, so I spent what was a whole lot of money to me at that time – still is – for an eight-course tasting menu,” said Copeland.

“Everything was so delicious and well-executed, yet simple and so stripped down which allowed each dish to be perfect. I still remember the kingfish with warm beurre marnier sauce, and the citric caviar… Perfection!”

Copeland credits that meal with changing his cooking style.

“Before that meal, I had a tendency to put too much into each dish. When I started letting the flavor of the food shine through and not overwhelm it, my cooking improved tremendously. I realize that the dishes I create now are reflective of who I am and this wonderful region.”

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