Iron Chef

In 2015, Chef Copeland’s profile climbed even higher when he won the Iron Chef Arkansas challenge. Then came Culinary Classic wins in every category, and Diamond Chef competitor for two years.

As more awards came and word spread about this talented chef, it was only a matter of time before he had the opportunity to build his own restaurant. As fate would have it, The Waters team was looking for a strong, talented executive chef to build a first-class restaurant in Hot Springs, and The Avenue was born!

“I jumped at the opportunity and all of the potential for the space and for Hot Springs,” said Copeland. “They are the best bosses I’ve ever had. They let me be myself. I really appreciate the freedom to create great and changing menus as well as the monthly Art & Wine dinners and other prix-fixe special events.”

“Competitions are good for me, I believe, because they allow me to sharpen my skills and learn new techniques or about new foods,” said Copeland.

He also enjoys seeing his peers and learning what they’re doing as well as participating in a community event that benefits the industry or some worthy organization.

  • Iron Chef – 2015 winner
  • Iron Chef – 2016 runner up
  • Culinary Classic Gold Medals in multiple years along with Silver and Bronze spread within nearly every category.
  • Diamond Chef Arkansas Competition – selected participant 2017 and 2018

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