Hot Springs is the Ultimate National Park for Foodies

By:  Matt Kerouac | Money Inc | January 10, 2019

Just because Hot Springs is filled with longstanding restaurants and old-school haunts doesn’t mean there isn’t room for newcomers. Case in point: The Avenue Restaurant is a sleek stunner inside the hottest hotel in Hot Springs. Chef Casey Copeland mans a menu of locally sourced cuisine, with a penchant for innovation and crafty contrast in color, texture and flavor. Right now, that means carbonara lasagna laced with pancetta and egg yolk cream, scallops over carrot-pecan risotto, bourbon-splashed pimento cheese with pea tendril chimichurri, bone-in pork chops with raspberry guajillo and rabbit pot pie. The restaurant also boasts a killer cocktail list and wine program, not to mention its enviable Sunday brunch.

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Trails, History and Hot Springs

By Trail Runner | October 2018

The allure of Hot Springs, Arkansas, is not just the hot springs. It’s that wherever you are, there’s a trail nearby. I was able to hop onto the Sunset Trail via a footpath right from my hotel, The Waters. Sunset Trail is a C-shaped trail above downtown and is a classic representation of the network you’ll find in this hidden trail-running gem. Hot Springs National Park—the U.S. National Park Service’s second-smallest tract—wraps the city of Hot Springs like a donut.

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Things to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Real Food Traveler

by traveloffer | July 1, 2018

Between the white tablecloths and Brooklyn-style pies, the culinary scene in Hot Springs is every bit as enticing as the town’s unique history. After you read this article, be sure to take some time to enjoy our podcast interview with Tom Hill, museum curator of Hot Springs National Park. He weaves a wonderful tale about the history of the town.

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How to Spend a Weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas

by StyleBlueprint

Hot Springs, Arkansas, has quite a storied past. What once was on the fast track to becoming the Las Vegas of the South in the early 1900s, complete with gambling, casinos and brothels in plain sight on the town’s main drag, became a popular destination spot for its thermal mineral water that bubbled up naturally out of the ground and was thought to have healing power.

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Date Night in Hot Springs

by Rock City Eats | April 13, 2018

Hot Springs has long been our favorite date night getaway. You can get their fairly quickly (under an hour) and it is always a beautiful spot to just walk around. Plus if you decide to stay a
little late there are several good hotel options at a reasonable price.

Over the past couple of years the food scene has seen a huge resurgence. There are so many great places in town that really hold their own against any other place in the state. Plus, there are even more coming. Every time I take a visit I hear whispers about another great new place coming in soon.

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